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Curling was first opened as a part of the facility completed in 1962, enabling the club's resolution to be a year-round operation.

It was the wish of a majority of the members that curling remain a part of the BGCC. To that end, before construction on the new facility began in 2002, the curling rink was carefully separated from the old clubhouse, then attached to the new as it was constructed.

Reputed to have some of the finest ice available, the six-sheet rink allows for several active divisions including both fun and competitive leagues.

This sport appeals to all ages and is gaining in popularity and is a true family sport. We offer novice to competitive leagues as well as light rock programs for juniors. Our Services include instruction, ice rentals and equipment availability to ensure that your experience is casual, fun and enjoyable.

Men’s, ladies', and mixed groups curling all contribute to the cordial atmosphere of the Stoneview Curling Lounge. The purchase of little rocks has added a new dimension to the junior program.

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