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New for 2022

The six-week program is for all new curlers and for those wishing to brush up on their curling skills. Curling courses and clinics will help you learn how to enjoy the game to fullest and teach you the skills needed to avoid slips and falls. It’s a great opportunity to meet new members, learn to deliver a rock, sweep a rock & how to score and play the game. This six-week program will now start on Thursday October 27th at 8:00 pm and will run weekly until December 1st. This six-week program is $60 ($10 per week) for non-members or is included (free) if you have a BGCC curling membership. If at the end of the clinics, you wish to join, we will simply put the clinic fee towards your membership and you can simply pay the difference.  This program, you do need to sign up for so I can get a number of volunteers to help out. 


If you have any questions or you wish to sign up for the six-week program, please send me an email at

Hope to see you all on the ice

Edwin Knox

Curling Manager

Brantford Golf & Country Club


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