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2023-24 First Draw Winners
Team Logan James
Vice -Alicia Cleaves
2nd -Michael May
Lead -Jayne May
Friday Night Mixed Curling
2 Draws
6:30 pm & 8:15 pm

Mixed Club Curling -Friday Nights

“The Mixed (Co-ed) Friday Night league is a highlight of the curling weekly schedule. This is a great night to meet curlers of all skill and experience levels, while giving you a chance to learn and grow in the game. We run three draws, which last about 6-8 weeks each, providing an opportunity to curl with a variety of members. We also host great social and theme nights, which are highlighted throughout the season.


Friday night games run a bit shorter than competitive games, running 6 ends. We run two draws per night, giving members flexibility in planning their evenings. Many members will also take time to enjoy a nice meal or a beverage of your choice down in the Stoneview Lounge, and you'll always be welcome to pull up a chair and spend time with friends, whether before or after your game. Please feel free to reach out to the Friday conveners to get in on the best night of curling you'll have all week!




Sylvia and Randy Chupka &

Mike and Jayne May


Upcoming Theme Nights
April 5th, 2024 -80's Night

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