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2021-22 Monday Night C.Y.O. Champions
Team Terry Corbin
Vice Seth Vogan
2nd Logan James
Lead Edwin Knox


Choose Your Own (CYO) Curling - Monday - Two Draws 6:15 pm & 8:30 pm

This is men's competitive curling where club members form and enter their own teams. Singles can also sign up and the conveners will endeavor to place them on a team. There are several divisions based on the caliber of the curlers.  Periodically, based on standings, the upper and lower team (s) in each group will move up or down to another group to level out the competitiveness within each division. There are season-ending playoffs for each group, with the "A" GROUP winner being declared Club Champion .

Speed of Play

An 8-end game should be played in two hours or less. All players should be in the hack, rock cleaned and ready BEFORE their skip takes control of the house. The lead who is to throw 1st, need not help clear the rocks at the completion of an end. Locate your rock and get in the hack ready to throw. Be aware of the clock every end ... if you have fallen behind, try to encourage your teammates to follow the above suggestions.


  • The league will consist of 24 teams divided into 2 flights

  • Games will last 8 ends and the 5 rock rule will be in effect.

  • There will be two draws, each consisting of a 9 game round robin.

  • Points will be accumulated during the season with aggregate points being used to determine which teams move up and down after each draw.

  • The top 10 teams in points will be in the "A" Flight, the next 10 teams will be in "B".

  • Scoring will be as follows:


A -14 Win

       4 Loss

       9 Tie

B -12 Win

       3 Loss

    7.5 Tie