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Championship Flight Winners

Third Draw

Team Terry Corbin

Michael May (Not Pictured)

(Super spare Bill Foster)

Gary Siwak

Will Dalton

Wednesday Night Men's Draw Curling

One Draw 7:00 pm


The Men’s Wednesday Recreational League is a night to meet other curling members and to help hone your skill level of this sport in a lesser competitive environment. There are 3 draws that change every 2 months so you will get to play with other members and learn new strategies. You are not committed to all 3 draws and are free to choose any or all of the draws as your schedule permits.

Like with any sport, the more you play, the better one gets. This Wednesday Night Recreational League allows you to add in a second night if you are already playing on Monday or Friday evenings, or if this will be your only night out, then it’s a great way to get some exercise while having a lot of fun at the same time. There’s only 1 draw each Wednesday night which begins at 7:00pm. Please email Brent Percival and he will get you started. See you soon!!
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