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Junior Curling & Little Rocks

Ages 6-11 & 12-17

The Little Rocks program is for ages 6 to 11 years old. No previous curling experience is required. The smaller rocks and half a sheet of ice will be used for this age group.  We will begin each session with some stretches and warm-up exercises followed by an on ice skills instruction and practice period that is appropriate for each age category. As we progress through the season the goal will be to develop the children’s skills so each level is capable of playing a full game.

Suggested articles of clothing for curling are provided in a separate notice. Little Rock curling brooms as well as regular brooms are provided by the club.

As many parents are already aware, the operation of the Little Rocks Curling Section of the BGCC is done entirely by parents and club members who volunteer their time. We strongly encourage as many parents as possible to get involved both on and off the ice. We are looking for continued support by the parents that helped out last year and other parents to get involved this year. Please express your interest in assisting, every bit helps.

Junior Curling Convener - Greg Wilson

Shoes worn on the ice must be clean. NOT worn outside. Gloves are recommended. Little Rocker’s must wear a helmet. Sliders and grippers are available for purchase from the BC&CC Pro Shop. Junior Curling committee has purchase some slippers otherwise tape is available from the instructors.

Little Rocks – Ages 6-12 years (must wear a helmet on the ice)

Junior Curlers Equipment

  1. Strongly suggested for safety, a cycling helmet is a good idea for Little Rock curlers.

  2. Warm clothing such as a jacket, track pants or sweat pants is a good way to keep warm.

  3. Blue jeans are not recommended, because they are cold to wear and reduce flexibility through the hips, which is an important element.

  4. Mittens or gloves to keep the hands warm while sweeping.

  5. Clean, rubberized footwear that is carried into the club and not worn into the club, is required. Footwear that is not clean tracks dirt and grit onto the ice surface and damages the conditions for curling and equipment.

Special Note: Some brands of running shoes are made with plastic elements composed in the soles. These shoes will be very slippery when coming into contact with the ice. For young curlers who cannot fit into a curling gripper, some investigation has resulted in suggesting the following locations to find suitable rubber soled footwear.

1. Walmart Shoe Department – Athletic works brand of shoes, velcro strap ties, rubber soles, low cost.

2. Al’s Shoe Factory – Ask for rubber soled court shoes or skate board shoes. The Manager at Al’s has recommended this footwear and has been advised that there could be customers asking for curling suitable footwear for youngsters. Moderate cost.

3. Curling tape will be available each week to be used as a temporary slider.

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Little Rocks and Junior Curling is proudly sponsored by
William Street Eyecare

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